Monday, 2 July 2012

Diet Diary Day 1


I am writing this post at 21:49 pm London time.

As promised in yesterday's blog post, I decided to enter a 2 weeks healthy diet plan and provide a day to day diary of my progress.

Sure enough, am keeping my word.. I started my day with a coffee latte.... I know :-(, and a chocolate brownie. Remember I promised to be honest about this and I am.

For lunch I had white rice with green grams and after a cup of tea. Lol..!! What a start!

I skipped snacking and for dinner, I had grilled chicken, baby potatoes with green beans with salsa sauce. I had a fruit yoghurt for pudding and a glass of sprite:-(. After, I had a handful of dried cranberry seeds while watching TV.

To cap it all, I had a very big cup of tea. I might admit, am ashamed of this start. That, I may say wasn't a very pretty meal for someone trying to loose weight and neither was it too bad.

I will try to make it sane tomorrow by choosing good healthy food and eliminating some extra addictive behaviours like drinking coffee and tea.

That's it for now folks, I look forward to updating you with more of my diary for day 2.

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