Sunday, 1 July 2012

My Diet Diary.... My Decision From Now.

Well folks, writing from where I left on my previous post, I have decided to follow a proper diet to begin with. I just woke up this morning and decided to come up with a way of loosing weight and preventing adding up more.
As I had proclaimed being in agony and experiencing pressure to stay fit, I don't want this to be an excuse from now on. At least I can try.
So, to begin with, am going to cut on all the crap things I was get used to that were expanding my waist.
Snacking is the first thing to eat in moderation.
I am going to choose something with less calories and fruits.
Then another thing I have a weakness for is extra rich puddings and wine.
If I have to go for a pudding, I will stick to low fat yoghurt and only treat myself to a rich one occasionally.
Same thing applies to wine.... No more wine each and every weekend for me. Once occasionally will do me good.
Those were my guilt pleasures I needed to tame for my diet.
Having said that, I will go on for 2 weeks and I will update you on my progress everyday and tell you if there are any results.
I will follow a strict but healthy diet and honestly tell you on any weaknesses I will be experiencing. Ta ta ra!!! Here I go.!

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