Sunday, 19 January 2014

Diet diary day 1 2014

Hi all
I am starting my diet diary again from where I left 2 years ago. I decided to reduce my food portion to begin with and this helped me loose weight greatly. With the new year beginning, I have decided to eat very healthily, this means more vegetables and fruits and less carbs.
The agenda: juicing and more juicing. Juicing fruits and raw vegetables. This is because I want to benefit from the inside to the outside. My focus, a more glowing skin, less kilos, stronger nails, and shinier hair.

19/01/2014 Diet

  • I had a cup of tea and a bowl of weetabix before going to church.
  • After church, I prepared a smoothie comprising of banana, pawpaw, apple and pineapple which I put in the fridge for later.
  • For lunch, I had some spinach and prawn and noodle soup
  • Had some cashew nuts with a glass of wine
  • Drunk my smoothie for my snack
  • For dinner, I had chilli con cane which was quite heavy with another glass of wine.
  • A bottle of water later as I go to bed   
Surely, was there much health in  that diet today?? not that much but at least, I have been honest about it.!
Looking forward to having more discipline from tomorrow and hope I can stick to it.
That`s all folks, I`m now going to do some sit ups, lunges and squats.
Will brief you more about my honest diet plan tomorrow.
Stay tuned.

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